Automated Inventory Management for Square

Otterology, in conjunction with Square, will manage your inventory, give you insights into product sales, help you control your overhead, help you see where you are making money and where your money is tied up. Built by a small business owner for small business owners. We make the set up easy by automatically syncing your Square data with your inventory.

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We add inventory management and analytics to your Square account

I use Square, but...
Our Solution
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Inventory Management Hassles

Inventory management is a hassle.

Manual inventory management is time-consuming and prone to human error. I want more automation.

Low Inventory

Integrated Online Inventory Management

Our inventory management system interfaces with your Square account. This allows us to automatically adjust your inventory based on your sales transactions.

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Missing Sales

I'm missing sales opportunities.

Having a popular item out-of-stock not only reduces revenue but also gives customers a bad impression of your business.

Actionable Inventory Analytics

Drive your sales with data

Our reports tell you which products are selling well and which aren't. This allows you to lower overheard and maximize sales.

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Feeling Behind

Managing inventory is time consuming.

Manual inventory and sales reporting takes a long time and is prone to human error.

Real-time Data

Instant Access to Sales and Inventory Data

Save yourself hours of tedious bookwork every month and spend that time making your business stronger (or take a vacation, we're not judging.)

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Just $19.95 / month

Manage your business wherever you have an internet connection.

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Inventory Management

Capture your sales through intelligence. Eliminate costly errors and tedious hours of trying to manually keep track of your product. Stop running out of what you need and hanging onto what you do not. Automated, cloud-based inventory control that empowers you to tighten your focus on what matters.

Advanced Reporting

Empowering you to make confident decisions. Putting the power of Otterology to work for you so you can get a handle on their business. Reporting that will tell you where you make the most of your profit and where your money is tied up. Simple to read reports that tell you when your sales are happening to help you schedule better and save labor costs when you do not need them. Simple yet powerful information everyone needs to increase sales and lower costs.

Inventory Alerts and Notifications

(Coming Soon) In the near future, you'll be able to receive an alert whenever an item is at risk of running out. We'll also be adding a variety of notifications that will keep you up to date with your business.

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Otterology and Square Together

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Otterology will synch with your Square account and then create your custom Otterology database with the products you sell. Once you enter your cost of goods and initial inventory you can start using Actionable Analytics based on your sales to Proactively drive your business with confidence.